Tips for Choosing Treats

Tips for Choosing Treats

Every dog has different tastes, so don't be afraid to test out different flavours and brands to find the ones that your dog will flip for - or at least roll over for.

Unlike their staple diet, treats can be more fun and diverse, so you can change it up and surprise your dog with exciting new treats whenever you want. For pets dealing with sensitivities or digestive issues, always introduce new treats in small portions to make sure that their bodies can adjust to the new ingredients.

For treat training, try finding a good dog treat pouch to hold your treat mix. That way, you can reward your dog whenever the opportunity arises. Rewarding should always be timely, so using a treat pouch is not just convenient. It also helps you reward quickly.

Reward treating works best with vocal commands or physical praise, so there should be plenty of belly rubs and make sure you tell them what a good dog they are. This will help your dog relate to more than just the snack, but see, feel or hear the praise from you.

For many overly excited pups or nervous dogs who get anxious around fast movements, try routinely using a hand motion as part of your praise. Something as simple as a thumbs up can be an additional visual aid to help them understand their success.

This will not only help your dog build confidence, but it will strengthen your bond too.

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