Our Tale

Railtown grows a tail

Tyler Day and Dan Olson are the executive chefs of Railtown Cafe, a Vancouver-based restaurant known for its artisanal sandwiches, soups, and salads. Both chefs have extensive experience but wanted to try their hand at something different, something cuter, slobbery-er, furrier, and tastier! (Okay, maybe equally tasty.) Dog treats! 

When Dan adopted Jango from a shelter his life changed forever. Now it wasn’t just about human food, but Dog food too! And now with this new found perspective he started to wonder, what am I feeding my pup? Could it be better? Tailtown’s first sparks were flying. Tyler was on board, his doggie Angel was sure to love that these two chefs were cooking up something culinary just for her!

Dan and Tyler knew what to look for, they knew that quality ingredients and quality flavour were paramount for an enjoyable, dare we say, extraordinary experience. And from that proverbial (albeit, literal) fire emerged the first Tailtown Dog Treat. A crunchy yet chewy combination of just three ingredients or less, they knew they would be giving their furry friends the very best.  

(Both chefs have extensive experience in the culinary industry, with Tyler Day having worked at prestigious establishments such as the Fairmont Pacific Rim and the Shangri-La Hotel, while Dan Olson has worked at restaurants such as La Belle Auberge and the Four Seasons Hotel. Together, they have brought their expertise to Railtown Cafe, creating a menu that blends classic comfort food with contemporary flavors.)