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Beef Liver & Coconut Treats


Beef Liver & Coconut Treats: Dogs jump for liver treats, and because we love dogs we add the extra boost of coconut nutrition to Tailtown Beef Liver & Coconut treats to help keep snacking pups healthy and happy.  Besides being irresistible to dogs, beef liver is rich in a host of vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin A, B and...

Lamb, Sweet Potato & Blueberry Treats


Lamb, Sweet Potato & Blueberry:  Chefs have been combining Sweet Potatoes and Blueberries for years, and our Chef went one better with these yummy treats, adding the meaty goodness of lamb for a combination that’s packed with nutrition and flavours your pup will love.   With high-quality meat, vegetables and fruit in each bite, Tailtown Lamb, Sweet Potato & Dried Blueberry treats deliver...

Salmon & Kelp Topper


Salmon & Kelp Topper:  It’s only right for West Coast dog lovers like us to create a delicious treat like the Tailtown Salmon & Kelp Topper that’s as true to our home as GORE-TEX jackets, yoga pants, and play days by the ocean.  Salmon is a great source of healthy protein to help nourish and repair muscles and the Omega-3...

Tailtown Turducken Treats


Tailtown Turducken:  Turducken is one of our favourite tasty Thanksgiving traditions and we put our Chef to work to create delicious Tailtown Turducken treats packed with meaty goodness that your doggo can enjoy year-round. Lucky pups!  This Turducken is made with turkey gizzards which pack high levels of vitamins B3 and B12 to boost brain function along with niacin and...